VPAATP V4 Chapter 86

Left The Entertainment World

“I… I am not right… but it’s all because you are not good. I was nervous because you haven’t come to see me since you arrived…” Su Yingzi lied in my arms with grievance and tears about to fall.

“Good, good, it’s all right now. Didn’t you want to know if you were sagged or a tank battalion? I will fulfill your wish in bed tonight!” I smiled and took the three women in my arms.

The three were stunned but immediately understood my words. Su Yingzi looked towards me and said with a shy expression, “You know that wouldn’t be good for us!”

However, Shirley wasn’t shy and took it naturally. As a native of US and Europe, it was all natural to her, so she said, “Good, even if you don’t want that, Liu Xiang and I want it a lot. There will also be fewer people to share husband with, so we will also be able to enjoy for longer! How is it, Sister Liu Xiang?”

“Yes, right!” Liu Xiang wasn’t any worse than Shirley either.

“Who said I don’t want! Humph, want to enjoy him all to yourself, see if husband won’t kill you with his spear at that time!” Su Yingzi glared at Shirley.

Although the two had a fight just now, there wasn’t any real conflict.

I don’t know why, but my relationship with the three women was found out by the media. Suddenly, the news about me blotted the sky. Originally, as the chairman of Shuguang International, it was already enough reason for the media reporters to focus on me – they had never thought that I would have a scandal with the three entertainment beauties as well!

Liu Xiang proudly took a newspaper and looked at it smugly, “Liu Ma, didn’t I tell you to make my relationship with him appear a little special! Why is there no difference from the other two?”

“Young lady, you also know how idle these reporters are. It’s hard for them to get any explosive news, so now that they got one, they naturally have to hype everyone! That Su Yingzi and Shirley aren’t worse than you, so they are also reported the same! The reporters simply focus on the object and don’t care to distinguish anything!” Ms. Liu answered.

“Hehe, it seems that we ended up helping the two of them!” Liu Xiang clenched her small fist and said with some disappointment.

The relationship of the three being disclosed to the media as a scandal wasn’t considered anything improper by the three of them. In any case, they had decided that this TV show will be their last work and after that, they will retire collectively.

When there is someone who is happy, there is also someone who is sad. Right now, the most depressed was the male lead of <<Very Pure and Ambiguous>>. This fellow was the most popular star in the country, Yang Yicheng. When he took the role and heard the name of the three heroines, he couldn’t sleep for a few nights! All of them were the top beauties. If he could do something with just one of them when filming, he would die happily! Even if he nothing much happened, just making a kiss scene and getting to embrace them would have been a massive profit!

However, what he had never thought was that the three leading beauties didn’t pay any attention to him. Even the kiss scenes were filmed with a substitute, not giving Yang Yicheng any opportunity!

Moreover, what destroyed him completely was the fact that all three leading beauties were the women of the same man! It was just like in this drama <<Very Pure and Ambiguous>>! When he knew that the man was the owner of Three Rock Entertainment, Yang Yicheng took the initiative to dispel all filthy thoughts and made the drama in a relieved mood. Love is precious, but life is priceless!

In August 1999, the entire world was covered in a dismal atmosphere as there had been a fierce prophet who had once predicted that the entire world would end in the August of 1999. However, as a person who had been reborn, this prophecy was pure nonsense to me. {TL Note: Is it some sort of custom to predict the end of the world every few decades? Or, what if the world was already destroyed in 2012 and we are all an illusion?}

As August 18 passed, the people of the world had the feeling of being survivors of a disaster. <<Very Pure and Ambiguous>> was chosen to be premiered all over the world on August 19.

<<Very Pure and Ambiguous>> tells the story of a modern man who crossed into an ancient and alien world. Su Yingzi played the role of the wife of the modern man, while Liu Xiang was his lover from the ancient time. Shirley was the lover from a foreign world. The outcome was certainly the three women and the man living happily ever after. Bringing the TV drama to every home all over the world in 1999 wasn’t easy, and there needed to be profound examination before it could pass the international tests, but since the Three Rock Entertainment had relationships with the Shuguang Group, all formalities became unimportant.

On the same day as the world premiere, Su Yingzi, Liu Xiang, and Shirley announced that they were retiring from the entertainment industry! Their reason made all their fans think it was incredible.

On their blogs, they all wrote similar words, “In reality, we have also fallen in love with the same man!”


Yang Mei had been sick of her mother’s act for a while now. Even after she explained that I was just a fake boyfriend, her mother had, more than once, begged Yang Mei to bring me back home again!

Li Xiaohong (Mother Yang) had already praised her son-in-law to Heavens before her relatives. Now, all the relatives were flattering her. The feeling of being the top dog made Li Xiaohong enjoy a lot. If they were now told that Yang Mei and I don’t have any relationship now, her relatives will not only be furious, they will despiser Li Xiaohong even more. Li Xiaohong didn’t want to suffer the supercilious looks from everywhere again! She had already had enough of this feeling!

Now, it had already been three months since the last time she promised her relatives the dinner. She always used the pretext that I was very busy because of my work, hiding the truth from everyone, making some of them skeptical of her words! After all, if they thought about it carefully, how could someone with such status and money be interested in her family, for Yang Mei? Let alone now there were newspapers blotting the sky with the news that the three Celebrities had retired from the entertainment industry for that man. This made the relatives suspect her even more!

Some people were even discussing in secret that if Li Xiaohong was deceiving them, then she will certainly not be able to live peacefully in D City in the future and won’t have any face left to show anyone!

Li Xiaohong was also in a hurry, being really anxious! On the one hand, she hated her mouth for not having a stopper, while on the other hand, she blamed her daughter for not knowing how to catch a man. In fact, Yang Mei really wanted to approach me, but ever since I had announced my identity, I didn’t go to New Century Group again. She wanted to call me a lot of times, but when she thought of my status, she somewhat started to hesitate…… If Yang Mei takes the initiative, maybe, things will turn around. After all, it’s not like I don’t have any feelings for her.

There needs to be an opportunity for everything. However, soon, the opportunity appeared!

And the person who made the opportunity was no one other than Yang Mei’s mother, Li Xiaohong!

Li Xiaohong was getting more and more anxious, and if nothing was done, she would be compelled into going insane because of all her relatives nagging her all day long! In desperation, Li Xiaohong suddenly thought of a very important matter!