VPAATP V4 Chapter 88


I was sweating! Gave me everything? Looks like those were Yang Mei’s words at that time, weren’t they? Her relatives also knew? I am afraid that it was just you going out to show off! Who Mother Yang was, I was very clear about that. 80% of the time, she will go out and speak irresponsibly with others. However, Yang Mei and I…… Ahh! I really couldn’t say anything else now. Who told me to agree with Yang Mei and pretend to be her boyfriend! So I braced myself and said, “Aunt, you can rest assured that I and Yang Mei get along pretty well and I won’t let her down!”

“Oh? Then I can feel relieved!” As Li Xiaohong listened to me, her heart had flowers blossom in it! She didn’t expect that! She was so happy as she thought there was still some hope in getting this son-in-law!

“Right, Little Liu, I have been thinking about Meimei and you, so when are you planning to come home? When will Meimei and you have free time to visit us?”

“Good, I have time so we will come back!” At this time, I could only brace myself and follow up with her.

“Then let’s settle the time for this weekend. You and Meimei should come back by then! You should take a plane, it would take less time going back and forth!” Li Xiaohong said.

“…… Good, Meimei and I will return soon……” I hung up the telephone and had a big headache. What was I going to do about this matter! It can’t be right, I suddenly understood, I must have been duped by Mother Yang!

According to Mother Yang’s character, even if she wanted Yang Mei and me to go back, she will definitely call Yang Mei first! It must have been that Yang Mei refused her, and she also made the relationship between us very clear. Helpless, Mother Yang must have decided to call me. She must have never thought that she would get me in a few words!

But what could I say, said words were like sprinkled water. Now that I have promised Mother Yang, it is necessary that I uphold my words. Moreover, even if I agreed with her words and also liked Yang Mei, it’s not necessary that Yang Mei will also agree to go with me. Before, she hadn’t known my identity nor did she know that I had so many women, so now, even if she also liked me, won’t she still consider these factors?

Though I will be going back to her home just to give face to this fake mother-in-law, if possible, I didn’t want to let this girl go!

It’s possible that many people will say that you want a woman just because you have a favorable impression of her? What about the sentiments and love? Isn’t that needed as well?

A man may have a favorable impression of many women in his life, but he can’t do anything most of the time. But when he is old and thinks back on his past, there will inevitably be regrets. Since I am a man who was reborn, if I still left regrets in this life, then I will be shaming my title of someone who was reborn!

Moreover, Comrade Wei Xiaobao had not been reborn, but didn’t he still have Zeng Ruo who didn’t receive a lot of his love, so why can’t I have a few of them?


Yang Mei looked at the telephone in her hand and didn’t know what kind of feeling she was having in her heard. Was she happy? Grieved? Or something else? Properly speaking, she was very happy to receive his call, but his status is so aloof, and the women around him are either business tycoons or major Celebrities. What was she? Just a department manager…… If compared to other University graduate women around her age, Yang Mei’s achievements could be considered really great. But compared to the women around him, it’s nothing.

She had thought that this relationship will be forever buried in her heart and she will never have the chance to see me again. However, he suddenly decided to visit her parent’s home with her. What was going on here? Did he also like her…… As she thought until here, Yang Mei was very happy. But the happiness soon disappeared as she woke up to reality and knew that she was just overwhelmed by love… Yes, it must be that her mother called him, and he didn’t know how to refuse her. He never did know how to refuse anyone!

What kind of person her mother was, Yang Mei knew it full well. It was certainly her mother who called him and asked him to go back, but he was embarrassed to reject, therefore he complied!

So, he didn’t really want to go back with her…… Should she go back with him? Should she come clear, or pretend not to know?

Yang Mei was a very clever girl, so she immediately had an idea. It seems that her annoying mother wasn’t as annoying. At least, this time, she gave her a really great opportunity……


“Miss, please come with us.”

Meng QingQing looked at the two men holding a gun to her head. This shook her heart. Although she had practiced some martial arts, it would still be an impossible matter if she was asked to overthrow these two muscle-men and take the gun from them!

“Who are you? Why are you trying to kidnap me?” Meng QingQing calmly asked. She knew that since these people were threatening her with a gun, they would obviously not try to kill her.

“You will know in a while, so don’t talk so much bullshit and do what you are told!” One of the men said coldly.

Meng QingQing was born into an aristocratic family and was quite experienced. She knew that these people who came to kidnap her were just random thugs and wouldn’t know the matter either, so she didn’t ask anymore either. However, what surprised Meng QingQing was that these people were quite trained in these matters. Originally, Meng QingQing had wanted to wait for an opportunity to send me a short message, but these people took her handbag before they captured her!

After I heard the news of Meng QingQing getting kidnapped, I was startled! Now, everyone in the world knew that Meng QingQing was my woman, yet there were still people who dared harbor thoughts to harm her?

All those who mix in the streets now – who didn’t know that Three Rock Entertainment was a subsidiary of Shuguang International, and Meng QingQing who is the assistant to the general manager, has actually been exercising my rights. In other words, Mng QingQing was the head of the Three Rock Entertainment. There Boss!

Although Three Rock Gang wasn’t the biggest gang in China’s underworld, the Three Rock Gang was the biggest underworld organization! These small gangs could only survive after they took shelter under the massive tree called Three Rock Gang. The reason that it was like this is that I didn’t want Three Rock Gang to invite criticism for being on a very high position. If the entire country only had one gang, then what would the country think?

In the beginning, when Liu Yue discovered that Meng QingQing was missing, she didn’t take it seriously as everyone had some private matters to deal with. But when the time to work was over and Meng QingQing had still not appeared, Liu Yue became anxious and immediately contacted her!

Something like this had never happened before. Regardless of what the two of them did, when it was time to get of work every day, the two of them drove home together. For my sake, the two of them never participated in any evening parties or events! And there wasn’t anyone that Shuguang International treat to parties or any entertainment!

So, over the days, this had become their habit. After Liu Yue waited for a while and discovered that Meng QingQing hadn’t appeared, she dialed her number and found that her phone was turned off!

Liu Yue quickly called and asked Meng QingQing’s secretary and realized that Meng QingQing went to the New Century Group for inspection in the morning! Liu Yue then called Chu Gao and asked him, but Chu Gao said that Meng QingQing had not been there today!