VPAATP V4 Chapter 9

Having The Opposite Effect

Although Chen Wei’er wasn’t from a well-off family, after living with me over the years and spending her days with the other girls, she also started to go out on shopping trips. Though she never bought many things, her temperament was at least getting more and more like the wealthy young woman.

None of my wives except for Zhao YanYan knew what I exactly did. But they knew the people I mixed with had massive status in the country and abroad, so over the years, the girls had also been cultivating their demeanor. Otherwise, they were afraid they would make me lose face when they appeared in public together with me!

I also saw their changes, but neither stopped them nor forced them. In my opinion, it was great if they had the temperament of an Aristocratic lady, and it was still great even if they didn’t! I won’t ask them to change for me. I am a more open-minded person and didn’t like to follow the social norms or act under specific constraints.

With my current status and identity, there wasn’t anyone in this world who could move me! No one can control me, nor can anyone force me to do something I don’t want to! There wasn’t a reason for me to care about what others think or want. But the feeling of playing the pig to eat the tiger was sometimes really cool!

“YanYan, help me get some pajamas, and then prepare some bath water,” I said to Zhao YanYan with an ambiguous expression.

Zhao YanYan’s face turned red as she nodded. Zhao YanYan and I had a tacit understanding between us is relatively better compared to others. Over the two days that we were in Songjiang, there wasn’t any time for Zhao YanYan and me to be intimate because of the guests. Now that there were only the two of us, how could I miss such a good opportunity!

Not long after I entered, Zhao YanYan walked into the bathroom dressed in a bathrobe. There was no longer the shyness from the past between us now, instead, there was an atmosphere of extraordinary maturity.

Zhao YanYan slowly unwrapped the bathrobe, revealing her pure white, perfectly smooth skin that lustered under the light. The body of this girl was getting better and better, becoming more and more mature and voluptuous. The Zhao YanYan from the past life and the one before me were just impossible to be compared.

It seems the theory on certain websites and books was correct. A woman will only show her charms after she was developed by a man!

“Husband, what are you staring at? Am I enchanting?” As Zhao YanYan saw me staring at her without blinking, she smiled and pushed her chest forward, trying to make herself appear as big as Chen Wei’er.

They say a man loses his “sex drive” after being with the same woman for a long time. From my personal experience, I can now guarantee that all that is pure bullshit! If someone loses their sex drive, it only shows their wife isn’t attractive enough.

Otherwise, why would the Emperors in ancient time still favor a single Queen even when they had three thousand concubines!

………… {Goddamitl Where’s the good stuff!}

Since Du Xiaowei got himself the Land Rover, he dumped the Santana 2000 over to Xu Er. As Xu Er didn’t have a car in B City, so he now drove this car. As I had been busy all this time, I couldn’t go out to get a new car. Besides, this car had been modified by that terrifying head of the mercenaries base that Du Xiaowei formed. It was now a super abnormal car, the one and only of its kind! Even several million cars won’t be able to match half its performance!

Ever since he got the car, Xu Er didn’t want to let go of it anymore. There was an ad that said: Body of a 60-year old; Heart of a 30-year old! Xu Er drove the car as if driving a Ferrari!

In particular, a retired armed forces veteran like Xu Er knew the performance of a car even better. Now, even if I gave him a plane, he wouldn’t take it! Fortunately, I wasn’t a person who cared about outward appearances, otherwise, it was really shameful to sit on this sort of Taxi-level car all day long!

Du Xiaowei was now the full—time bodyguard for the girls. Originally, this guy was my bodyguard, but there was no need for him to protect me anymore. The things that could actually cause me any damage were probably on the same level as an Atomic Bomb. At that time, even if I had him, he wouldn’t make any difference! As I had offended many people recently, so it was better to have him protect my wives in my absence!

I had thought Xu Xueyun told Xu Er about today’s matter. But when Xu Er saw his sister, he was stunned and stared at her.

“Little Sister, what are you doing here?” Xu Er had obviously not known the person I was going to meet was Xu Xueyun.


Xu Xueyun didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t thought I would bring along her brother! The matter that I needed to handle was something regarding a girl’s privacy. Even if he was her brother, it was impossible for her to say that casually. Xu Xueyun was embarrassed to even thinking about it and didn’t know how to speak and felt guilty for hiding something from her brother!

“What’s wrong?” Xu Er was a crude guy. As he saw Xu Xueyun’s hesitation and her guilty appearance, he reckoned she had been bullied by someone, so he said, “Little Sister, did some b*st*rd bully you? Tell Elder Brother, Elder Brother will go smash them and help you vent anger!”

“Ah, no! It’s not like that!” Xu Xueyun’s face turned red with embarrassment. The matter was simple, she had to attend a party, and I had to pretend to be her boyfriend, but Xu Xueyun didn’t know how to explain it all.

“Big Brother Xu, you are such a dunce!”I opened the car’s door and got out, “The person I told you we were going to pick up is Xu Xueyun. She invited me to attend her high school reunion with her!”

“Ah! Reunion?!” Xu Er was a simple-minded guy and scratched his head, looking at his sister with doubt. He thought what does her going to a reunion have to do with Chief Liu? Could it be that his sister was going through her springtime of love? Then he looked at his sisters ruddy little face, and it appeared that his guess wasn’t too far off!! But Chief Liu already had so many women, and their backgrounds weren’t any small matter either, so did his sister even had any hope? She knew all these herself! Xu Er couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t intend to stick his leg in this matter though. He didn’t even know if him getting involved would
be good or not!

“Hehe……So it was like this. Little sister, why didn’t you say so before! Hurry up and get in the car!” Xu Er said as he foolishly giggled.

“Um?……Ah…….alright!” Xu Xueyun lowered her head and entered the car just like a small kitten, without making any sound. She didn’t sit her buttocks on the seat very firmly. Her nervous body jumped here and there, as she silently murmured in her heart: Finished, Ah! Now I am done for!
Elder Brother must have misunderstood the matter!

I looked towards the brother and sister strangely and helped Xu Xueyun close the door and sat on the other side of the backseat!

“Brother Liu, where should we go now?” Although Xu Er now worked for me, I made him call me Brother Liu as being called Chief Liu by him made me sound old. Naturally, there were some ulterior motives, and these motives seem to be coming to fruition now…… {TL Note: That‘s what the Raws said. I didn‘t add anything. As for what the ulterior motives, only the Author knows (I know, I know, I know!)}

“Where to go?” How am I supposed to know?

“Jiuding Resort. But the time is still too early……” Xu Xueyun whispered.

“Oh, right!” I suddenly remembered, “We should first buy some clothes for you. Let‘s go to Wangfujing!”

“Buy……buy clothes?!” Xu Xueyun never thought her simple reminder would have the opposite effect. Right now, her brother already misunderstood, and now, the misunderstanding was only going to increase.

And as she expected, Xu Er had an ambiguous smile on his face, but his heart was worried even more!