VPAATP V4 Chapter 90

Not Funny

“You were talking about this ring?” Meng QingQing had some doubts. Even if that ring was very valuable, there wasn’t a need for the opposite party to be so enthusiastic to get it, right? From the actions and habits of the people before her, it was obvious that they weren’t foreigners living in China. Ignoring the fact that they came here traveling far and wide, just from their guns, it was apparent that they had spent a lot of effort! China’s firearms management was very strict, especially when it came to entry and exit in the country. Was the ring really worth so much trouble?

“Yes, but I don’t have to tell you much about the reasons. We were only hired to get it, as for why the people behind us want it, we don’t know,” After Tom had switched off the large screen, he continued saying, “Miss Meng, I wonder what your decision is going to be?”

“What if I don’t hand over the ring?” Meng QingQing asked.

“In any case, we have a lot of free time so it doesn’t matter. When you have thought it through, let us know,” though that foreigner very indifferently said those words, his expression clearly said: If you don’t hand it over, don’t even think of leaving this place!

“This ring is very important to me. I don’t mean its value, but it’s significance. It’s the proof of love and also the betrothal ring given to me by my husband. Therefore, it’s very hard for me to take the responsibility of giving it to you!” Right now, the only thought Meng QingQing had was to somehow inform me, because she knew that I could save her no matter what!

“Hehe, Miss Meng, do you want to call someone then? It doesn’t matter! You can just ask your husband to bring the ring here!” Tom immediately revealed Meng QingQing’s intentions, but he didn’t object to her at all. Instead, he evenhanded his phone to Meng QingQing. {TL Note: facepalms}

Meng QingQing looked at the two self-confident men before her and then immediately dialed my number.

“Hello? Who might it be?” When I noticed that the number displayed on my phone was a strange number, I immediately answered the phone on reflex. I had been holding the phone in my hand for a while as I knew that if Meng QingQing was kidnapped on purpose, then the kidnappers will certainly contact me!

“Husband, it’s me!” Meng QingQing’s gentle voice passed through the receiver, “I was kidnapped by two foreigners, but there’s nothing for you to worry about – they didn’t harm me in any way.”

“QingQing, it’s really you. What do they want?” I didn’t start on greeting her normally, or ask her where she was; those would just be idiotic questions. Since Meng QingQing called me and her voice didn’t show any discomfort or any other anomaly, it was at least confirmed that she was safe! If she had known where she was, she would have certainly told me directly. If she didn’t know, then me asking her would just be in vain, so I directly got to the point and inquired what the scoundrels wanted. It seems that they couldn’t get anything out of Meng QingQing, so they were now going to ask for it!

“They asked for the ring! The engagement ring that you gave me…” Meng QingQing said.

“Engagement ring!?” I couldn’t understand her words, so I asked, “What do they want the ring for?”

“They didn’t say anything about that…” Before Meng QingQing could finish her words, the phone was snatched by the foreigner, “Well, since you two want to discuss your sentimental matters, I will say it directly!”

“Who are you?” I coldly asked, “What I hate the most is when someone interrupts me when I am talking to my wife!”

“My name is Jerry, but it’s obviously just a code name. You can think of it as a fictitious name we use, but in reality, it’s actually my real name as well! Hahaha,” the foreigner thought that his words were funny, so he started laughing.

“It’s quite cold; your name isn’t funny at all,” I didn’t like that foreigner’s sense of humor, “Alright, I am not interested in knowing your name. The reason you kidnapped my woman, is it just for that ring?”

“Yes! Though you might not believe it, but it’s indeed the case!” Jerry said.

“Why?” I couldn’t understand what was so great about that ring. Although the ring was unique, there wasn’t a need for someone to take such risk for it.

“I don’t want to waste any more time. Mr. Liu, I know you are a famous man and your time is very precious, so if you want to see your wife as soon as possible, bring the ring to us! We will wait for you at the joint venture chemical factory hostel in ** Street. All the people in that place are my men, so once you arrive there, someone will lead you to me! Remember, only you can come! Naturally, you can also bring someone else along, but I will warn you beforehand, we might not be able to guarantee your wife’s safety!” Jerry said all these words without hesitation.

“Good, I also feel that it will be inconvenient to involve other people in this matter. Moreover, I am disinclined to report to the police! You can relax as I always come and leave freely! I will see you in a minute!” I hung up the phone. These people sure were valiant, not only did they kidnap someone, they even have the guts to say their current location so flamboyantly. Are they unafraid of everything or simply stupid? Of course, it didn’t matter to me as it was the same no matter whatever the case. Smart or stupid, whoever offended me will have a miserable fate.

“See me after a minute? Motherf***er, your joke isn’t funny!” Jerry mumbled as he looked at the phone in his hand, “You think you are the guy who wears his underwear over his pants?” {TL Note: A Superman reference.}

“Sorry, but I am not interested in such abnormal behavior. But if you like that, I can help you with it!” I said as I patted Jerry’s shoulder.

“In fact, I also think that guy’s image is a bit… wait, who the f*** are you!” Jerry was so scared, his eyes opened as wide as saucers as he stared at me who appeared beside him out of thin air.

“How did you enter!” Tom’s response was as exaggerated as Jerry’s. He subconsciously looked towards the door, but there was no sign of it being opened.

The matter is like this: After I hung up the phone, I took the ring and immediately arrived at the chemical factory by using teleportation. After confirming that I was at the correct place and finding out where Meng QingQing was hidden, I again used teleportation to arrive inside the room.

“Though I said one minute, it only took a few seconds,” I shrugged and said, “Excuse me, I hadn’t expected that I would arrive so fast!”

“You… you… who are you? Had you been here already?” Jerry pointed as me as his panic-stricken expression was plainly visible. He felt as if it wasn’t them who kidnapped Meng QingQing but I who had kidnapped them!

“I am Liu Lei, Meng QingQing’s husband. I think it should be impossible for you to not know me!” I took out my wallet and grabbed a business card from the inside, handing it over to the guy, “And if you didn’t know already, you can get to know me now! As for your second question, don’t you think you are cracking a joke now? If I had already been here, then why did I answer your phone call just now?”

“Wait, what… when did we call you?” Jerry asked as he subconsciously took the business card from my hands. Tom was staring at me in a daze.

At this time, Jerry had completely lost his cool that he had when speaking over the phone. Right now, he was completely overwhelmed and bewildered! It was an instinct of people to fear the unknown! In his mind, the only thing he wanted to know was how the f*** did I enter?!