VPAATP V4 Chapter 99

Getting A Son

Little Ye Zi watched with wonder as half the Cola in the cup turned to ice!

“How is it Little Ye Zi? Drink and see if it’s real ice or not?” I said as I loosened my grip on the cup.

“Ah! It’s real!” Little Ye Zi said with great surprise, “Uncle, you are really great. Can you teach me as well?”

I was about to open my mouth and comply, but an ingenious idea welled up in my mind, so I sternly said to him, “Little Ye Zi, you should also know, since you watch television, that the inheritance like this is only handed down in the family. It’s not even handed down to women who get married outside and can only be passed on to the men of the family! Since you aren’t my son, it won’t be suitable for me to teach it to you. If my father found out, he will definitely blame and punish me!”

“This……” Little Ye Zi was a little disappointed.

“But I have a good idea!” I continued to entice him.

“What idea?” Little Ye Zi asked cheerfully.

“I can accept you as my son! You can be my adopted son and then I can officially teach it to you!” I thought that I was like a wolf enticing a rabbit into its cave!

“Ah? Alright…… No, not right…… I knew you were having the ideas of pursuing my mama!” Little Ye Zi suddenly turned a lot smarter as he said, “But you are really good to me, so I can help you! Don’t worry uncle, I like you a lot. You are different from those other people who try to pursue my mama. Although those men also try to please me, I can feel that they don’t really like me at all, just trying to get on my good side. But I don’t feel the same from you. Also, when you look at me, your eyes are also full of fondness… the feeling is very good. I think you are like my own father! Only the fathers of the other children would have those kind eyes!”

I started to sweat! It is said that children are really sensitive, and it seems that it is true. However, what I was worried about was whether Little Ye Zi would accept me. After all, Little Ye Zi was already three years old, soon reaching four. It was the age children started to understand some matters. I was afraid that after Ye XiaoXiao accepted me, he will show resistance to me, but it seems that I was simply over-worried! Moreover, Little Ye Zi will also become my trump card in bringing Ye XiaoXiao back to me!

“Little Ye Zi, you said that you agree to accept me as your father?” I happily asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know if mama will agree or not! However, seeing the attitude mama has towards you, it seems you are in danger!” Little Ye Zi thought about the matter in his head.

I am in danger? Ah, children will never understand how the love between adults works. The more Ye XiaoXiao treats me like that, the more it shows that she still has me in her heart. If she had been treating me like a good friend, that would be when I would have really been in danger!

As I was listening to Little Ye Zi, my forehead was started to get covered with heavy dark lines. This was my son, so young yet such high Intelligence. When he grew up, he will be even smarter than me!

“Little Ye Zi, don’t worry about your mother’s attitude, instead, you should first call me daddy!” I kept on enticing him.

“Then… will you really teach me all those spells?” Little Ye Zi asked nervously.

“Of course. Now that you are going to be my son, who am I going to teach if not you?” Saying up to here, I intentionally sighed and said, “I should also have a son like you, but I don’t know where he is!”

“Uncle…… You? Don’t be sad, I am also your son……” Little Ye Zi said in a meek voice, “…… Daddy……”

“Haha! Good! I finally have a son! Let me listen to you call me that again!” I was smiling happily as I said.

“……” As Little Ye Zi looked at me, tears started to fill his eyes. He tried to move his mouth, but no words came out.

“Little Ye Zi, what happened?” Looking at Little Ye Zi’s expression frightened me into jumping. I already knew that he was my own flesh and blood and now looking at such an expression from him, I would obviously be worried!

“Nothing…… Everything is alright……” Little Ye Zi slowly replied, “I…… I have never been able to call someone father, I never had a father since childhood……”

“Little Ye Zi, if you aren’t used to it then it’s all right to just call me uncle,” I didn’t want to force the child just because I wanted to listen to those words.

“No, no! I am really happy. From now on, even I can have my father take me to kindergarten in the future!” Little Ye Zi said excitedly, “This way, the other children won’t laugh at me!”

My heart suddenly clenched! Yes, although the words of the children are said unintentionally, it’s those unintentional words that hurt the most! Little Ye Zi didn’t have a father to look after him since young, so it’s impossible that there won’t be children in kindergarten that will say something that hurts. Though it wasn’t really their intention, that’s how children were… they didn’t care about what they said!

I remember, when I was a child, there was a girl in my class who didn’t have a father. Many children in the class laughed at her, treating her like an alien species. The girl couldn’t stand it in the end and stopped coming, later transferring to another school! Afterward, when the classmates that ridiculed her grew up and recalled the matter, they regretted it a lot, blaming their unobstructed mouths at the time.

“Alright Little Ye Zi, daddy will often take you to school then!” I nodded and promised.

“That’s great. Daddy will also bring Little Ye Zi to amusement parks, right? Mom is usually very busy and has no time to take me there!” Little Ye Zi happily said.

I was just about to reply when I heard the sound of something falling to the ground behind me.

I looked up and saw that Ye XiaoXiao’s face had turned pale as the food in her hand had scattered all over the place!

When Ye XiaoXiao had seen that Zhao YanYan and the others had ordered a lot of food a moment ago, she helped them carry some of it. Finally, just when she arrived at the table, she heard Little Ye Zi saying “Daddy will also bring Little Ye Zi to the amusement park, right?”

Listening to his words, Ye XiaoXiao was startled and turned silly, letting the stuff fall down. How is it possible, it’s impossible for Little Ye Zi to know him! And it’s also impossible for him to know about Little Ye Zi’s life! Could it be that Little Ye Zi saw the photos in her bags?


“XiaoXiao!” Little Ye Zi and I called out at the same time.

“Ah……” Ye XiaoXiao was completely startled but she immediately recovered and with an angry look on her face, reprimanded Little Ye Zi, “Little Ye Zi, what were you just talking with Uncle Liu a moment ago!”

“I…… I……” Little Ye Zi had never seen his mother being so angry, so he was unable to make an excuse for himself and couldn’t speak for a while, “I didn’t say anything……” After quite a while, Little Ye Zi replied with an expression of having suffered a great injustice!

“Then what were you just calling him?” Ye XiaoXiao pointed towards me and asked Little Ye Zi.

“XiaoXiao, what are you doing? He’s just a child, what do you want from him, scaring him like that! Besides, I saw that Little Ye Zi is so adorable, so I wanted to recognize him as my son!” I tried to look calm, “Alright, first, you should sit down and we will talk calmly!”

At this time, a family sitting close to us just finished eating their food and left. As soon as Zhao YanYan saw that, she pulled Chen Wei’er and the others and immediately sat down at that table.